Viveza from Nik. Straight Dope Review!

The Hot…

  • Finally a new and easier way to control various parts of your image independently. This is part of the future, and Adobe should have done it two years ago!
  • The Interface is simple, the previews are good.
  • Though the things you can adjust are basic they can do a lot of good for an image.
  • Can apply the changed to a smart filter or layer mask.
  • There’s a free trial.
  • It Works Good.

The Not…

  • It costs twice as much as it should. Typical of Nik products. Pretty cool, but at 249.00 a lot of potential buyers are going to pass it up.
  • It runs a bit slow compared to the same tools running by PS.
  • It lacks tools. Ya we can do a lot with what’s there but this thing should be a total image control interface with curves, filter, and effects.
  • Not a speedy workflow tool.Viveza is good for fine tuning that great image, but don;t expect tobe bating hundreds of images, or making actions with it because it very individual photo based.
  • Annoying and LONG registration number at install. Not really a big deal but cmon Nik get a clue. When people pay they don’t want a hassle. DRM is no longer cool so be one of the first to get rid of it.

Viveza Review

So what’s all the talk about and is this as good as it’s been hyped to be.

I was pretty excited about this after seeing the video because things in PS have been basically the same for a long time and I’ve been eager for something with a new way of controlling things. Viveza has given us just that!

Viveza is a Photoshop plugin that allows you to control Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Color. What! Don’t we already have those things your asking! Well I admit that for what it costs Viveza should really have more things you can control, but new things start small. Plus Viveza is more about how you apply these tools than the tools you apply.

If you look at my screenshot ( ya I’m afraid that’s a self portrait of me) you’ll see a control point. This uses something called UPoint, and it allows me to basically control the settings for the color range I’ve selected. If I move the control point it changes the parts of the image that are effected. Think of it as the next generation of selections. It’s pretty cool.

If I put a control point on the sky and can simply change the contrast, saturation ect on just the sky. Without making a marquee selection, without feathering, without hassle. I can make as many of these points as I want, to control various areas, and I can also control the size of the area affected the a given control point.

There’s a few different settings and modes but this is really pretty basic. While that’s neat it’s also part of what Viveza is lacking. You can do a lot with the control it gives you, but in my opinion when I have load up a plugin like this within PS I want control over levels, curves, effects and more. I want to be able to convert the control points to selections I can use outside the plugin etc.

My ruling? A 6.5 out of 10. By V2 this could be amazing it Nik listens to customer needs. Learn More at Nik’s website.

Gavin Seim

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