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Todays Panel…
Gavin Seim ~ PhotographySeim Effects — Jarrod Michael ~ Digital Artistry Blog
Michael Rather ~ Digital Photography Connection — Dennis Zerwas ~ DZ Photography


Show notes

Roundatble #5 Forum Discussion

Photoshop Elements 6 for mac now available for pre order. Gavin’s Xclusive Black & White Lightroom presets are now available.We’re going to Ed Pierces Captivated By The Light seminar

Some WB tools available are… The mini WB calibration targets from Photovision , The WhiBal is what Jarrod uses for his WB & the Expodisk is also a popular solution.

A 1200mm 5.6 canon lens is for sale at B&H Photo used for 99k, and they even did a full review of it. Adobe ACE certified expert exams are now available for CS3Apple Apeture II is now available.

Insignia has a digital picture frame virus on their 10.4″ frames. Liquid image scaling is coming from OnOne. See the video.

Lensbabies are fun lenses and we’ll be talking more about them in the future.

Picks of the week…
Gavin’s pick is the Kingmax tiny 2gb flash card. Make it into a credit card drive.
Michael’s is Nik Viveza software
Dennis’ pick is the Drobo storage robot.
Jarrod’s Pick is Scott Kelby’s digital photography book volume 2.

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  • Kevin

    Good job on alienating your Aperture listeners. I think Light Room and Aperture take two different approaches to photo editing. You make it seem that there is only one approach and there isn’t. Please do me a favor and listen to your podcast. I think you will find it a little immature.:sad:

  • Gavin Seim

    It’s not a matter of immaturity Kevin. It’s a matter of what we think from the evidence we see. I had four other hosts on with me who all felt the same way. I did not hand pick the because they were lightroom users.

    I totally welcome conflicting opinions, and if I had a aperture person on the show he would be welcome to rebuttal.

    instead of complaining about us being offensive because we like LR so much why not make a legitimate defense for Aperture. I’ll be glad to listen, and even present other views on the show… Gav

  • Kevin

    Just so you know I was able to get some good info from your show. Whibal owes you a debt of gratitude as I will be getting there white balance cards. My point is this, when ever you express so much bias you run the risk of alienating listeners. I would challenge you to go back and listen to your show. If you do not think your approach was a little overblown, and thus immature I will concede my point. I have no interest in defending Aperture. Like Light Room it is an awesome program. We owe both Apple and Adobe thanks for providing a less convoluted RAW workflow.

  • Gavin

    I agree that having both is great, and I have not written Aperture off.

    As to the show I have not listened to all of it, but I’ll make a point of doing so :wink:

  • Ben

    I finally have to say something. I don’t mean to be mean really, but seriously Gavin you have 4 other people on the show and you spoke more than all of them combined. Maybe not literally but this is your M.O.. I think you have great nuggets in your shows but you can be a bit gabby most times.

    I know this sounds harsh, but I didn’t want to beat around the bush. When hosting a show with other people or interviewing someone please let them talk (much more than you).

  • Gavin

    Wow a week of all complaints. That’s OK though. Ben Thanks for the input, I’m sorry your tired of hearing my voice, and I too like other speakers to talk but I have to keep the show going.

    I am certainly a talker, but I make an effort to let people go once they start to give input and not interrupt them DO I always succeed? No, but it is my job to keep the show going. Have you ever listened to other RT’s like Twit of just about any other. The lead hosts leads!

    I don’t discourage anyone else from speaking and I’ll certainly keep your comment in mind and let others get there share but if I did not keep talking we would have a show filled with moments of dead silence. :smile:

  • clay

    Not to be mean, but I agree with Ben…TWIT’s host is not as extreme especially when Davorak is on, that’s what you need is a “Davorak”

    Other wise I do enjoy your podcast and your website


  • clay

    sorry mispelled *Dvorak*

  • Dave

    Well, I thought it was a very interesting show. Thanks!

  • Ben

    I really didn’t intend to be mean, but wanted to leave a comment that didn’t beat around the bush. As for other round tables, I have listened to others such as “The Focus Ring”. In that roundtable they do a good job of letting the others talk.

    Please hear me. Don’t think I’m a butt or don’t appreciate all you put into the show. As I mentioned before, every time I listen I get a nugget or 2; but if you improve your interviewing skills I think the show will be that much better.

    I’ve listened from show 1 or 2 and back then you made a comment, I’m just trying to hold you to it. You said, “This isn’t the Gavin Seim show, it’s the Pro Photo show”. Sorry for the misquote but it was something like that.

    Thanks for bringing us great information.

  • Calvin Lee

    Other shows could be quite bored after listening for awhile. I am already beginning to find TWIT and Focus Ring bore. On the other hand, I am thankful that Gavin is not like other podcasts’ hosts and more willing to criticize a products or companies. I am beginning to find this show more and more entertaining as well as informative. Keep up the good work, and continue to speak your mind! The last thing I need is to listen to another politically-corrected show. For me, your comments were not immature at all. I totally agree that Apple blew it by not including Presets but hope that they will very soon. I am using Aperture so in someway YOU helped to vent MY frustrations. Just hope Apple is listening…..

  • Gavin

    Thanks Calvin. To be honest Apple is probably not listening, but with people like you spreading the word they may start. :wink: I have hopes for aperture, and just because I rank on it does not mean I want it to die.

    If you like the show I always appreciate nice itunes ratings and podcast alley votes… Gav

  • Chris

    OK people, in MY opinion if you want a professional interviewer, tune into CNN. If you want to listen to a real photographer give his opinions, Gavin is the one for you. As for the comments on Gavin’s gift of gab and its ability to not allow others to talk quite as much, I never got the impression the guests were upset. To me, it just sounds like some photography friends getting together to discuss their views and I feel like I am there with them. Keep up the good work Gavin.

  • Photo Sharing

    You have a great blog here and it is Nice to read some well written posts that have some relevancy…keep up the good work ;)