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The Free Lightroom Presets Directory: by Gavin Seim. (Updated 10/07/2013)


One of the most powerful features of Adobe Lightroom is presets. And you’ve just found the biggest, best maintained list of free LR presets anywhere. I hunt the web for these, trying to add the best and filter out the dead ends. There’s plenty to browse. And feel free to share your favorites in the comments (freebies only).

LR4 and LR5 Presets: The develop module changed in LR4 and most LR3 presets will not fully function under the new process. As more LR4 presets are becoming available I’ll add to the list. I’ll also note listings that I’ve been able to verify are LR4 Compatible. Non-marked listing may be LR1,2 and 3 only.

NOTE: In LR 1-3 separate JPEG and RAW presets were needed. In LR4 this is not the case. since the process changes, all images are processed the same and any LR4 preset works on any image.

Also check out my presets for Lightroom 1-5. My full collections are guaranteed are worth the cost. But there’s also loads of freebies (linked below). I’m fanatical about quality and honored that they’ve become so well regarded my peers. OK, now on to the goodies. Oh and if you use Apple Aperture, here’s the free Aperture presets list.

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  • Ourmanintokyo

    Great work! How about something similar for customised web galleries in Lightroom?


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    Great resource! I have a bunch of Lightroom presets and offer several for free, too! I love Lightroom!

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    Good Stuff.
    I havent been able to get the Nikon D200 preset. I was hoping you could refind the link please. Just starting with Lightroom and the links here are very good.
    thank you

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    Nice collection you got there. Please don’t forget to add the upcoming to your list.
    Presetsheaven is a weblog that collects and share all kinds of graphical resources like presets, actions, shapes, gradients etc. All incoming presets are tested and a preview of of them will always be available for easy evaluation before download.
    Best regards,
    Pierre –

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    Kim Longs 70’s Set is no longer available for free….

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    Thanks Patul, took it off the freebie list… Gav

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    Thanks a lot, I love playing with presets.

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    Hi all,

    seems your missing my Site on your free ultimate list. I’ve just come up with something new that may be of interest to some – it’s a develop preset builder and masking tool for Lightroom 2.

    Feel me to include my WEB site in your list.

    Cheers, Markus

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    I’ve added you to the list Markus… Gav

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    thank you for sharing them with us!!!

  • http://inthemaking Randy Smith

    I have lightroom 2.0 & would love to use it, but I don’t understand why there is such a difference in the brightness & color on the screen vs. when I have same image open in photoshop. Photoshop is much brighter etc.
    If I knew how to fix this to match, I would jump for joy so I could start using it. Thank you,

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    This is just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you so much for taking the time to put all the presets onto one page. It definitely saves me a ton of time from having to search for them myself. I have been finding a lot of Photoshop actions, but hardly any Lightroom presets. This list is perfect! :)

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    Hi nice list, thanks for sharing, I would like to add a great link to the list, you can find original and amazing free and premium presets:

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      Hey John. If you have a link that goes directly to a groups of free presets that’s cool. But this list does not link just to sites selling presets. Let me know a specific place where the freebies are and then we can link to it… G

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    Hi Galvin, here is the specific link for freebies inside the link I’ve added previously, hope now could go on the list.

  •!/pages/RocktheLIGHT/231373766899710 Sarah

    Check out rocktheLIGHT presets!!

    I list free ones every so often! The current free preset is rusticfairy.!/pages/RocktheLIGHT/231373766899710

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    If you are looking to add to your list, I have a free preset site. You can find it at: , Thanks!

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    I’m a fan of the OnOne presets… I experimented with a friend’s Cafe Darkroom Presets too and they seemed pretty decent. They have a free download on their website too

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    Great work. I recently bought some presets from and they are fab.

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