Free Lightroom Presets. By Gavin Seim

PinExt Free Lightroom Presets. By Gavin Seim

I use using Lightroom Presets like crazy. I’ve decided to add to the mix of free Lightroom presets, with a few of my favorites that come from my Power Workflow2 Lightroom presets.

On to the free stuff. These have both RAW & JPEG versions just like you’ll find in my PW2 collection. You can also find more of my free presets right here.

These are a few of my favorite special effects from my Power Workflow. 400 is loosely based on the very popular “300”series by Mikelao. It’s a cool fantasy effect that adds some snappy drama to a scene.

Fantasy is a preset I use all the time, and have found it to be very useful since it gives a creative look. Fantasy Basic is a great lightweight general use effect that gives a nice gentle look. It works great on nearly any image. There’s more variations in the my complete set but this should get you rocking!

fantasy2 Free Lightroom Presets. By Gavin Seim

More than everyday Presets: POWER WORKFLOW Lightroom Presets by Gavin Seim. Define your style!!

banner3 Free Lightroom Presets. By Gavin Seim

This set includes 4 presets that are the results of me wanting something to apply to large batches of images, and have them basically auto correct and look great out of the gate. I’ve spent a lot of time playing with this type of preset and I’m pretty excited about them.

Since images vary I ended up with multiple presets, and choose depending on the project. With some of these I manually edited the xml of the preset to get what I wanted. I also found that Lightrooms auto tone feature (used in Full Auto) can be good, but often is makes images too bright, or too dark because it miscalculates exposure. You should find that as long as your exposures are pretty close to correct you can apply “Semi Auto” to them at import and have most images look rocking from the start. Here whats inside the set.

Semi Auto. This is my latest, and I believe my favorite general use batch preset. It auto corrects some things, and adjusts others, to try and make an image that pops, and just generally looks good.

Full Auto. This is just what it says. Applies auto settings to main elements like exposure, contrast etc. I find that while it can be great, it sometimes miscalculates. For those situations I turn to Semi Auto.

The -WB versions of each preset are the same except they auto correct white balance. Theres no golden rule for WB; and really it comes down to what you think looks good. I have found that in many indoor settings Auto WB works well, and in many outdoor natural lighting situations it is better not use auto WB. Just try them and see what works best for you.

1 copy Free Lightroom Presets. By Gavin Seim

Gavin Seim, Wedding Portrait Photographer

ad lf slim Free Lightroom Presets. By Gavin Seim

  • Mel_Boyd

    Thanks so much for sharing!


    Thank you very much fore sharing this awesome presets. One question I had if these are specific to RAW or JPEG?

  • prophotoshow

    They were designed with RAW. I find that often setting don’t work quite as well on jpeg (must be because raw has a wider dynamic range) However it can’t hurt to try. They may work just five


    Thank you for answering my question above!:lol: The reason I was asking is because when I apply the presets in Lightroom they look nothing like you show in preview images. They are either too dark, too light or the color is completely off (I do use monitor calibration). So I don’t know if it is my shooting or if it is some setting in Lighgtroom, can you help?

  • prophotoshow

    Sure I can help. Set a forum account and post it up. That way we can have a more chatable environment.

  • San Diego Photography

    Awesome Presets. Thank you for sharing this with the world!

  • Michael Schollum

    very nice presets :)

  • Bella

    Hey fellow photographers… I’m looking for some kick arse presets for the after affects at concerts etc. I photograph a lot of musicians & have conducted a few of my own presets..but looking for some that someone may have created that enhance the lighting effects or aperture affect on the subject…