Pixelmator! A Photo editor that’s sexy?

PinExt Pixelmator! A Photo editor thats sexy?

pxl Pixelmator! A Photo editor thats sexy?

Heres a very neat looking app, that though it’s not yet available has me turning my head. It’s called Pixelmator. It’s no Photoshop, and actually that’s a good thing because even though we love Photoshop it’s refreshing to see other fish start swimming in the pond. Esescially lately, since Adobe is showing less and less care for their customer, and more and more care for the almighty dollar.

Now we should mention that pixelmator is not claiming themselves to be a Photoshop killer, and is more likely aimed towards consumers, so we don’t expect Adobe to go draino anytime soon. But we do know that it looks amazing, and even if it is a more lightweight app that could be very useful to us photographers, and to those who don’t need Photoshop enough to warrant paying what it costs.

Pixelmator supports a ton of file formats including .psd, has layers, and supposedly a ton of other fun features. The best think is unlike many other photo editing apps it sports a SUPER looking interface. It saying it’s sexy going to far? well you can judge that for yourself, but it sure does look interesting.

Sadly this is a Mac only program, but that happens to be one of the reasons it is such a nice looking interface. and we’ll keep our eye’s open for great new photo apps in the Windows world. We’ve contacted the team over at pixelmator to see if that can give us any more info, so stay tuned.

 Pixelmator! A Photo editor thats sexy?

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