Could HDPhoto Become The Next Standard?

The HD Photo file format from Microsoft is starting to get some attention, and according to an article over on ars technica the format is being looked at for standardization by the Jpeg committee. No we didn’t know there was a committee for jpegs either, but hey someones gotta do it.

Anyways if the format is adopted it will be called JpegXR in stead of HDPhoto. Another format that’s been around for awhile, but never been picked up in earnest is JPEG2000. It’s capable of many of the same capabilities as HD Photo, but the HD Photo requires significantly less computer resources power and decompresses significantly faster which we really like, and could get the ball rolling.

A few bottom lines here. The current Jpeg format is getting a bit long in the tooth so may be getting about time for something fresh. To really take off however it will need to become standard in the cameras we shoot with. This may happen, but it’s not likely to be here real soon.

The Jpeg committee has already started the standardization process, and the voting will last thru October of this year. For the whole scoop shoot on over to ars techinca for more details. You can also find out more about things that are going on by visiting the Jpeg committee website.

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