Lightroom 1.1 Tip: “Pimp My Panels”

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Did you know you can totally customize the panel end markers in the new version of Adobe Lightroom 1.1? The updated version now comes with these 13 different markers to choose from. Simply right click or control click on any end panel marker to see your options. So what if none of these fit your style? Create your own! That’s right you can insert your own personal logo or trademark as a panel end marker. How cool is that?

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Here are a couple examples of one of my custom panel end markers. Basically you create a 120 x 120 px at 72 dpi image in Photoshop and save it as a PNG file. You then have to drag the image into the panel end markers folder. Even though you can create and insert snappy colorful graphics, I’ve found that it looks best when they match the rest of the Lightroom interface. To do this simply make your logo black and white and then reduce the opacity to 50% or less.

I came across this tip while reading Scott Kelby’s PDF Update Kit to his very popular book, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers Lightroom 1.1 Tip: Pimp My Panels. It is available as a free download to anyone who bought the book. Here is an excerpt from Scott Kelby’s post that explains how to get the update kit:

To download my Lightroom 1.1 Update Kit, go to and enter the 10-digit ISBN number found on the back of the book. Once you do that, to download the book it’s going to ask you a simple question that, if you own the book, you’ll be able to easily answer (a sample question might be something like, “On page 12, what’s the first word in paragraph two?” That’s not the question, but it’s that easy.).

If you would like to show off your sweet new LR custom panel end markers, post some images on the new PPS Forum. Have fun!

Dennis “Dz” DZ Photography

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  • dennis

    Thanks Don! This is the first I have heard about that and I consume A LOT of Lightroom info. Thanks again!

  • dennis

    Ahh! Delicious! Thank you for the link.