A Plethora of Photoshop Lightroom Presets

Try saying that three times fast! Just when you thought your list of presets in Photoshop Lightroom couldn’t get any longer, along comes this post. I found this newest link in the feedback section on Lightroom Killer Tips. The site is called Inside Lightroom. It is loaded with useful presets that are neatly categorized by the different effects. A feature of this site that I really like is how they show examples of what the preset looks like on both a landscape and a portrait image. One of my favorites is located in the “Colour Effects” sections called “300.” As you may have guessed, it mimics the visual effects of the movie 300. Perfect for those tough guy seniors.

Tying this into Gavin’s main topic of this week, there is also a section of presets called “High Dynamic Range Effects” What these do is let you apply seven different presets to the same image to make it look like you took seven different exposures ranging from underexposed to overexposed and everything in between. I haven’t tried these yet but I would think you would get better results from actually taking three different images vs simulating multiple shots. If anyone out there does give these HDR presets a try, please leave a comment to this post with your results or feedback. Enjoy!


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