PPS Episode #29 HDR (High Dynamic Range) Part 1

PinExt PPS Episode #29 HDR (High Dynamic Range) Part 1

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Show Notes…
Click here for HDR Part 2

Microsoft HD Photo has been announced. Get yourself started with Photoshop actions by going to the Adobe Exchange. Download Gavin’s free production enhancer action Visual Razor.

HDR Part 1.

It’s time to learn HDR. Listen to the main topic in this weeks show starting at time index 17:50, and more to come in next weeks show. HDR Software besides Photoshop includes Photomatix from HDR Soft. You can use our promo code PPS15 to save 15%. There’s also another HDR app available called FDR tools.

Here is an example photo taken off of Highway 12 in WA of a worker in the Tulip fields. This was done using Photomatix Pro & Photoshop, with 3 raw images. Notice how the detail can be captures in not only the foreground, but also the sky which would normally be washed out. At the same time however it’d still has a natural look to it, with some shadows and depth. (click for a larger version)

Put the final touch on your HDR images with Hollywood Effects Photoshop Actions.
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By- Gavin Seim Wedding & Portrait Photographer

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  • Claire

    Hi Gavin ,

    I really enjoyed the first part of the HDR podcast..and looking forward to learning your secrets…:wink:
    I live in Brazil,I am an amateur in photography and very keen in learning how to enhance pictures…and I already have one question that may not be part of your future episodes..
    Can we merge say 3 raw pictures using HDR and have as a result one raw picture from those so that we can apply changes to this resulting photo in camera raw?
    I loved the picture of the tulip field…thanks for sharing:grin:

  • Mark Blackshear

    I am interested in all the tricks that you care to share

  • stu


    Seeing as you got me started on HDR (curses!), I have a small question:

    You mention that you touch up your images using curves and glow … glow?? I open my CS3 go to Filter > Stylize but there’s no ‘Glow’ as such – just ‘Glowing Edges’.

    My results (for the time being) are quite the most revolting images ever … as I said earlier, there’s no sun here in northern Europe for the time being …